Current Kids MUMBAI EASTER HUNT 2020

Easy Difficulty 4.3
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The Easter Bunny can't home-deliver this year
And if you're stuck in your room looking for cheer
Here's a chance to scavenge for those eggs
Hop on, use your wits, you won't need your legs

Instructions: This is a virtual, crosstown Easter Hunt which will lead you from the tip to the toe of Mumbai island looking for sweet treasures often hidden from your sight. Unscramble the riddles and guess the names and then zoom incrementally to the location pins of each of the landmarks. If you want a bigger challenge try locating them on the map without entering their names first. Make sure you get all 15 eggs in your basket.

Parents, dig into those rations and get the prizes ready!

Content for this game has been graciously and cleverly provided by the authors of TOTALLY MUMBAI and the poetic sister. It's filled with trivia you didn't know and made with pride. Buy the book to get a riotous and often unseen view of this ancient and surprising city.

Happy Easter!

Created by currentkids

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