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Feel free to do as much or little of this as you like any time. I've just realised I don't want anyone or anything else so while I'm not happy with it I will wait, but doing this has made me feel better and I hope it does for you too. You should be able to do it all online, but can do it in person too if you like, as I did in making it.

This is basically a scavenger hunt/treasure trail which you can do online or in person around Liverpool mainly but a lot of places we have been and had special moments. There are many others such as London, all the wonderful places in Scotland, memories of playing scattegories there and now getting my family to play it too, and semi adopting the dog for the day and making the most of the weather and food each day. But this is mainly around Liverpool / Manchester area.

Each question comes with a clue of some sort, whether it be a picture, anagram, music, riddle etc, and you have to name the place to get it right. Let me know if anything is slightly wrong or you are struggling with exact answers as some are road names etc which might not be obvious. I've also emailed you the answers if you would prefer to do it that way.

If you are able to answer them all correctly there is a small prize at the end, think of it as an early Christmas present :)

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